Magento is an open-source powerful ecommerce project that enables any one to start his own online store in a very simple way, here is why magento maybe perfect for some people:

But sometimes after your business grows and becomes more larger and larger, you discover that you need to scale it, as well as adding more features to enhance your business and increase your profit, from that point you will start facing a Monster not just a simple ecommerce anymore, in this post we will discuss how we managed to handle all its issues.

At first we're using some in-house tools for running PHP & MYSQL based applications, you can read about it here to know more about how we managed to scale PHP & MYSQL, and that reflects to this article too, we use the same concept to run magento, not just that, also we built an API Gateway built in Go with the following features:

  • Global & Per-Session Caching
  • Ultra-Light API Aggregator uses javascript as a query language.
  • Added an enhanced Webhook feature that enables us to automate some actions like (auto-cache-invalidation, auto-reindex, do remote actions on an inventory management system, ... etc).
  • Automatically index the data in our full-text index implementation (using Go and Blevesearch), that enabled us to disable magento implementation.

The above features enabled us to do the following:

  • Building magento templates in our way.
  • Boosting magento server-size performance.
  • Enhanced page load speed.
  • Removing unused extensions.
  • Reducing the operation hassle.
  • Increasing developer productivity.

Now magento became a cute friend not a monster :), If you have any question or request, feel free to contact us via [email protected].