Scalability is very important for any business to reach more profit, one of our ultimate services @uFlare is offering simple solutions for small to medium business owners to serve there e-commerce, e-learning solutions in a green and affordable pricing model, some of them are using Magento and the others are using Wordpress, but in this blog post we will talk just about Wordpress.

We must admit that wordpress is solving a lot of business problems because of its simplicity of starting a new website in any field i.e "e-commerce", "e-learning", ... etc.

But when it reaches higher number of users it will start to panic because of what it does behind the scene, so what we did to solve its performance issues (without depending on any plugin out there!).

  • We build an in-house reverse-proxy that stands between nginx and PHP, it is a fork of  lightify, but with many improvements and new features like caching with smart automated purging techniques  based on the endpoint and its relations with other endpoints, think in it as if it were a db relation, as well as the current load, that solution helped us to tackle neary about 30 - 40% of load out of PHP & MYSQL, and the server resource became more quiet.
  • Regarding MYSQL, we have a central  scalable MYSQL installation based on MariaDB separated  from the application servers, in that installation we also created a reverse proxy that speaks MYSQL Protocol and stands between mysql itself and the application, in our case the application is "wordpress", that reverse proxy does the query cache in more advanced way and store it in internal db based on BadgerDB, as well as, we uses RocksDB as our default Storage Engine, that enabled us to handle more data with smaller size, thanks to RocksDB.

If you have any question or need any help, just send us a mail to [email protected]